Do you provide location ideas?

Absolutely! I have several favorite outdoor locations throughout Denver. We can pick one that is convenient for you and best suits your style! If you would like to do an indoor shoot, but don’t want to use your home, I like to shoot out of Studio One in South Denver, which is an additional rental fee.

What if I need to reschedule?

I understand things happen - rain, snow, sick kids, etc. It’s all good! I always do my best to stay flexible to find another time that works better for you and your family. Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable if you opt to cancel altogether.

What should I wear?

I encourage you to wear something you feel comfortable and yourself in! You don’t necessarily need to be in your Sunday’s best, nor buy brand new outfits for the whole family.

I tend to gravitate toward muted/earthy tones, different textures, and layers. I recommend staying away from super bright, bold colors and clashing prints. Don’t feel the need to match your family members either - it can be REAL hard to get perfect. Mid-session outfit changes are always welcome! If you’re having trouble deciding or have any specific questions, let’s talk before your shoot!


For my “soon to be” mamas - contact me directly for ideas!

Lindsey Jane Photography_edited.jpg

What should I have ready for the newborn shoot?

Most photos will be done in your living room, or any room with the most natural light. If you feel comfortable, I also like to take some in the nursery and master bedroom. Please put away any distracting clutter, but otherwise do not feel like your home needs to be perfectly clean! You just had a baby - no judging here!

Please have ready your favorite swaddle and 1-2 outfits. I don’t go overboard with crazy outfits or props - I think it takes away from the simplicity and beauty of your new baby!

Can I bring my dog to the shoot?

100% YES! They’re part of the family too! With that being said, I encourage you to bring someone to help out for when they’re not in the shot.

What else should I bring to the shoot?

If you have an infant or toddler, please bring an extra outfit - spit up and blow outs can quickly ruin the vibe! Oh, and snacks never hurt either. I usually have to coax my husband with a beer or two - but that’s just me :D


What’s your turnaround time?

I do my best to get the entire album to you within 2-3 weeks!

Will I need to pay extra to download or print my photos?

Absolutely not! This is one of my MAJOR photography pet peeves. Your album is entirely yours to download and keep forever. No distracting watermarks either!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. I require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking. The remainder will be due 7 days prior to your shoot.

Have any questions I haven't covered? Just get in touch!